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Vintage Linens Modern Quilts

Length: 1 day (6 hours) or multi-day if requested
Project: Develop your own quilt design
Skill Level: All levels
Prerequisites: Basic quilting skills
Fee: Please click on "Booking & Registration"
Materials Fee: $20 or less

If you're looking for the materials list for this class, it's not here yet. (I intended to get it up sooner, but life complications slowed me down a bit.) Please send me an email if you are enrolled in this class and I will send you the materials list as soon as it is available -- in plenty of time to prepare for the class, I promise. In the meantime, please use the list below. Thank you for your patience!

We all have vintage linens that just don’t fit today’s style. We can’t let go of them because they belonged to our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and yet they sit unused. So let’s turn them into modern quilts.

This is a guided design workshop. Bring your vintage linens, develop a quilt design and begin to create it. Work at your own pace -- dive in and improvise, or create a sketch and a pattern.

We’ll discuss:
How to clean and repair linens (or get around the flaws)
Making a mock-up of your vintage linen so you don’t have to cut until you’re ready
Stabilizing linens for piecing and cutting
Modern design principles -- dynamic balance, changes in scale and orientation, use of negative space, borderless design and more
Planning a design
Shopping for modern fabrics that enhance a vintage linen design
Creating a cutting list - or just improvising
Quilting ideas


The image above began as a hand-embroidered white-on-white linen tablecloth. Click on "images" button above to see details and more examples of vintage linen modern quilts


Materials / Tools: Vintage linens - tablecloths, dresser scarves, doilies, monogrammed napkins, whatever you want to work with Coordinating fabrics of your choice

Sketchbook, pencil and eraser Graph paper Ruler Colored pencils or pens, if desired Scotch tape Paper scissors Masking or painter’s tape

Fabric scissors Pins Needle and thread (thimble, if you prefer one for hand sewing) Rotary cutter, mat and ruler large enough to cut your vintage linens Tape measure Removable fabric marker Spray starch Fusible Interfacing (will be available for purchase in class) Fusible web or 606 fusing spray Freezer paper An old sheet or flannel yardage (Put it over design wall and roll it up to take your work home without taking it apart)

Please let RaNae know if you are coming by car and are able to bring a printer/copier.

Short version of description (50 words)

Bring your vintage linens and we’ll work together to develop a modern quilt design. We’ll discuss how to clean and repair linens; stabilizing linens for piecing and cutting; modern design principles; shopping for fabrics; creating a cutting list and more. Dive in and improvise, or create a sketch and a pattern.

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