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Free-hand Free-motion Feathers

Length: Half-day (3 hours)
Project: Practice quilted feathers
Skill Level: All levels
Prerequisites: Basic sewing skills
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Materials Fee: none

Learn to use your body’s own built-in tools to easily draw fabulous freehand feathers and quilt them.

Your arms and hands are built-in compasses for drawing curves. In this class we’ll learn to use their natural curving motions to draw feathers freehand in any shape, then learn different approaches for free-motion quilting them.

Materials list text version for cut-and-paste:

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Tools: Drawing pad at least 8-1/2” x 11”, or a 1/2” stack of scratch paper; pencil (mechanical pencil is best - be sure it has lead); pencil sharpener (if you bring a wooden pencil); eraser (make sure it is fresh and soft); black fine or medium-tip marker (e.g., Sharpie); 1 dry erase marker, any color; 1 clear plastic page protector; removable fabric marking pen or pencil in a color(s) that will show up on your light-colored fabric (blue water soluble, Frixion heat-removable, etc.); Q-tips and tissue (for erasing dry-erase marker); a small lid or cup for water (only if you bring a blue water-soluble fabric marker); 10-12 1” safety pins (preferably quilter’s safety pins); masking tape; sewing machine; free-motion foot; basic sewing supplies.

Fabric: 1/4 yard of a light solid color (FQ or WOF). It must be light enough that a black line on white paper can be seen through it. 1/4 yard backing fabric, any color (FQ or WOF). Batting: 1/4 yard (FQ or WOF) Thread: Cotton or silk thread 50 to 100 weight in a color that contrasts with your light fabric. If you are bringing your own sewing machine, bring bobbins of top thread already wound.

Sewing machine set-up: Be sure that you sewing machine is cleaned, lubricated and in good working order. know how to drop the feed dogs. Test it before you come! Bring free-motion foot or darning foot, new needles size 75/11 and 80/12, bring instructions manual.

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