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Length: 1 day (6 hours)
Project: Beyond Horizons small quilt or wall hanging (Pattern in class materials includes larger sizes)
Skill Level: All levels
Prerequisites: None
Fee: Click on "Booking/Registration" at left
Materials Fee: $6.00

This workshop is based on a fun, fast and freshly modern quilt to learn (or review) the basics of piecing and applique. Whether you are a beginning quilter who wants to get started, or an experienced quilter who just wants a fun, relaxed day of quilting, come, learn and enjoy!

Here are some of the topics we'll cover in class:

Rotary cutting tools & skills
Sewing perfect 1/4" seams
Applique - turned-edge and fusible
Using light and dark values to create a strong design
Using patterned fabrics to energize a design
Perfect Pinning
Preparing a quilt for quilting on a home machine
Borderless edge with a facing

NOTE: The red and green quilt and the blue and white quilt shown in the additional images are larger than the class project. A downloadable pattern for larger sizes, up to king size, is available for purchase.

NOTE: A kit MIGHT be available for this class. Please check back on this page 1-2 months before the class. If you have questions about kits please email (do not telephone)

Text version of materials info to cut-and-paste in newsletter/website/etc.:

Fabrics for class (refer to pictures of quilt): Pre-wash, pre-shrink and press fabrics before coming to class. Color bars: 1-1/4 yards of a bright or "interesting" fabric. Background (solid or patterned, but should contrast strongly with color bar fabric): 1-3/4 yards. Dots: 1/8 yard or enough to cut 8 repetitions of a motif. Backing & facing: 2-1/2 yards. Batting: 45" square + separate piece 12" x 18" (cotton, 80/20 blend, or Dream Angel). Neutral or matching thread for sewing color bars and background; matching thread for appliqueing dots (preferably 100-weight silk such as Superior's Kimono for hand applique, shiny rayon or polyester for fusible applique). (See mat’ls list at for full details.)

Tools: Basic sewing supplies; rotary cutter, 24" ruler and mat; masking or painter’s tape; 4" square flat cardboard (not corrugated); bamboo skewer (or stiletto); 60-70 quilter's safety pins.

Sewing machine set-up: Straight stitch; zigzag; 75/11 or 80/12 needle; 1/4" foot; zigzag foot; walking foot (if you have one).

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