Grandma's Nine Patch

When my mother's mother died in 1976, she was working on a quilt for me, which I later finished. That was my first quilt, and I gave it to my youngest sister as a wedding gift. The day after the wedding, my mother told me that there was a trunk in her garage that had belonged to her father, and asked me to take it home with me. When I opened up the trunk, I found it full of my grandmother's quilting supplies, including two unfinished quilt tops made of 9-patch blocks. I took the blocks apart, and ever since then, whenever I make a quilt for family, I include at least one of Grandma's 9-patch blocks in it. I love the challenge of incorporating them into my designs, in terms of both structure and fabric. Sometimes it's quite the hunt to find modern fabrics that work with the vintage ones! Many of the fabrics in Grandma's blocks are Dan River prints from the 40's and 50's. My mother told me that Grandpa used to work at the ZCMI department store in Salt Lake City. He made friends with the ladies in the fabric department, and they used to give him the fabric samples to take home to Grandma for her quilts.