Empty Spool Seminars, Session 1

Asilomar Conference GroundsPacific Grove, CA

For more information see the seminar's web page.

Multi-Day Workshops
Length: 2 or more days, depends on event
Project: Each student designs their own spiral mandala quilt, or work from a pre-designed kit
Skill Level: All levels
Prerequisites: Basic sewing skills
Materials Fee: $40 or less, depending on design (Important: see note about copier below)

Explore the swirling, spinning world of spiral mandala quilts. You will amazed to discover how easy it is to to design and sew these glorious kaleidoscopic quilts based on a variation of the Twisted Log Cabin block. We'll explore color and value, fabric choices, symmetry, flow forms, positive/negative space and more. As we get down to sewing spirals, you'll learn a few simple techniques that make paper-piecing easier and more fun than you ever imagined. By class end, you'll be able to see how the mandala will look, even if you have only part of it sewn.

This workshop is based on my book Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts, and it is required for the workshop. Copies are available for purchase in class (not included in the materials fee); you will be better prepared if you get and read a copy before class. A limited number of pre-selected fabric kits are available and must be pre-ordered. To see the selection, go to http://www.ranaemerrillquilts.com/teaching/160. To order books, tools and kits before class, click "STORE" above.

All skill levels are welcome, as long as students are familiar with basic sewing techniques and come ready to stretch their horizons. :) The format of the class will vary depending on the number of days.

* IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PRESENTERS: A copy machine is required for this class. This can be a copier on-site provided by the presenter, or a copy shop close by that be reached within a few minutes. If neither is available, a low-cost printer/copier will be purchased and shipped to the workshop location. For complete details, please refer to the page with the contract entitled "Copier Information for Multi-Day Workshops" (click on Booking/Registration at right top corner of this page).

More images are available on the Magic Mirror Mandala one-day workshop page.

Text version of materials info to cut-and-paste in newsletter/website/etc.:

Fabrics: Fabric #1: One multi-color large-scale print fabric. Fabric Group #2: Pull from the first fabric a palette of 3-5 colors, then add 2-5 shades of each color. These should read as a single color: solids, tone-on-tones, small textures or tiny prints. Fabric Group #3: Several multi-colored fabrics in small to medium prints that combine colors in Group #2. Fabric #4: A light or dark neutral to use as background for your mandala. The colors should be evenly distributed throughout the pattern. (See mat’ls list at www.ranaemerrillquilts.com/teaching/155 for more detail and yardages.)

Tools: A copy of RaNae's book Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts; basic sewing supplies; scissors for paper; a pair of hinged mirrors at least 8" x 10";* 3 clear plastic page protectors; dry-erase markers in a variety of colors (refer to materials list for details); 15-20 Q-tips; rotary cutter, ruler and mat; Add-a-Quarter tool* and/or Add-an-Eighth tool*; seam roller*; masking or painter’s tape; permanent double-sided tape; Scotch tape; pencil; 12" ruler; fine-point permanent black pen; white paper; digital camera; 2 highlighter pens in different colors; permanent markers in colors of fabrics (optional); thread that blends with your fabrics; 100-150 small binder clips; 40-50 medium binder clips; 4-5 large Ziploc bags. * = Available for purchase in class.

Sewing machine set-up: Straight stitch; 75/11 or 80/12 needle; open-toe or clear center-groove foot; neutral or matching thread for sewing.